General Outpatient Surgery

General Surgery

The general surgeons at Posada Surgery Center specialize in same-day surgical procedures that allow patients to recover at home instead of overnight in a hospital. Our doctors treat a full range of surgical needs on an outpatient basis, from laparoscopic hernia and gallbladder surgery to complex abdominal operations. Each of our general surgeons are uniquely qualified, having met the stringent requirements of certification in their specialties, and are trained in advanced surgical techniques and the newest medical technology.

Procedures like hernia repair, gallbladder removal, and hemorrhoid surgery can now be complete in a few hours, having you in the comfort of your home by dinner.

Our general surgeons perform minimally invasive procedures, meaning patients generally see less surgical scaring and a decreased recovery time. If you think you are a candidate for an outpatient procedure that will keep you out of the hospital and will return you quickly to your normal routine, contact us today.

Common Procedures




Gallbladder removal

Our Outpatient General Surgery Providers

Dr. John Blaney

General surgery

Dr. David Bolivar

General surgery

Dr. Michelle Ribas

General surgery

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