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A number of gynecological surgeries can be performed as outpatient procedures, helping patients avoid a trip to the hospital, providing greater privacy, and requiring less of the patient’s time away from her everyday routine. The OB-GYNs at Posada Surgery Center perform procedures such as dilation and curettage (D&C), biopsies, cystoscopies, and more on an outpatient basis. Most of our procedures are completed in a few hours, giving patients the option to recover comfortably¬†at home.

By performing outpatient OB-GYN procedures in the comfort of the Posada clinic, our doctors are able to offer the warm, private, and personalized care you deserve.

Our talented team of OB-GYNs is highly sought after throughout California, offering some of the latest and most innovative gynecological surgeries as outpatient procedures. For more information about the obstetric and gynecology practice at Posada Surgery Center, please contact our office.

Common Procedures

Stress incontinence

Fibroid treatment

Laparoscopic hysterectomy

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