Neurological Outpatient Surgery

Neurological Surgery

Many patients with neurological and spinal disorders can be successfully treated without surgery, and when intervention is necessary, less is more. The neurosurgical team at Posada Surgery Center is focused on providing outpatient neurological surgeries to patients suffering from a full range of neurological disorders affecting the brain and spinal cord.

Surgical decisions are difficult, especially when it comes to conditions as challenging and seemingly uncertain as the spine. With recent advances to neurological care, many spinal conditions can now be treated with outpatient procedures. Whether you are seeking endoscopic carpal tunnel release, multilevel spinal decompression, artificial disk replacement, spinal cord stimulator placement, or another outpatient neurosurgical procedure, Posada Surgery Center offers state-of-the-art facilities and a medical staff at the top of their field.

The preeminent provider of outpatient spinal surgery on the Central Coast, Posada Surgery Center combines leading-edge science and technology with a traditional, personalized approach to competent and compassionate patient care.

As surgical techniques have advanced and medical technology improved, these outpatient procedures have allowed patients to undergo their spinal surgery procedure in mere hours and to return home the same day to recover. With these innovative treatment options, Posada Surgery Center strives to return you to full function with less pain, scarring, and recovery time than ever before.

Common Procedures


Cervical fusion

Disc replacement

Our Outpatient Neurological Surgery Providers

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