Outpatient Total and Partial Joint Replacement Procedures

The Central Coast’s Fastest Outpatient Total and Partial Joint Replacement Procedures

Our orthopedic surgeons use progressive techniques to perform total and partial joint replacement procedures allowing patients to walk immediately following their surgery, pain free! With most patients completing all of their rehab from home, it is easy to see why so many people are reimagining joint replacement and their active futures with the surgeons at Posada Surgery Center.

Minimal Pain. Less Rehab. Total Recovery.

Arthritis or any of the conditions that lead one to consider joint replacement can be terribly painful. But many joint replacement candidates are scared off by the assumption of an equally-as-painful joint replacement procedure. Our doctors minimize pain through advanced anesthesia, allowing you to walk immediately after surgery and recover quickly from home.

joint replacement procedures offered:

Knee total joint replacement

Knee partial joint replacement

Hip total joint replacement

Hip partial joint replacement

Our Total and Partial Joint Replacement Providers

Dr. William Sima

Orthopedic Surgeon
Director, Posada Surgery Center

Dr. Carlo Orlando


Dr. Kevin Forsythe


Dr. Robert Fry

Orthopedic Surgeon

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